Thursday Doors (2022/24)

Location: Camden, London

Artist: Alice Pasquini

Photo: GarryK / TAB54 17th April 2016

This mural, painted by Italian artist / street artist Alice Pasquini in 2013, is located on the back of a Greek restaurant in London’s Camden Town district. There are two doors here though the one on the left is hard to see as it’s partly obscured by a sign post and paint.

Note: the prices quoted above the mural are 2016 prices! You can probably double those numbers now – maybe more!

Thursday Doors (2022/23)

Location: Brick Lane, London/ Pedley Street

Artists: Simon Hush & Zina

Photo: GarryK / TAB54 11th August 2016

This is another of those doors hidden in plain sight scenarios!

These two works by Zina (blue face) and Simon Hush (3-D writing) formed the centre section of a large wall painted by multiple artists for the 2016 ‘Meeting of Styles’ street art event held in the epicentre of London’s street art scene – Brick Lane / Pedley Street / Allen Gardens and the (now defunct) Nomadic Community Gardens.

Sadly, Simon Hush, who was an asthmatic, suffered a fatal asthma attack and passed away on 13th September 2016, a matter of weeks after this picture was taken.

Thursday Doors (2022/22)

Location: Shoreditch, London / Great Eastern Street

Artist(s): Unknown

Photo: GarryK / TAB54 15th June 2022

This piece – an ad for the Minions movie ‘The Rise of Gru’ – occupies one of several locations on Great Eastern Street which have become reserved for commercial use.

Some street art followers are against the commercialisation of street art but street artists have marketable skills and, just like everyone else, they have to eat, pay the rent and do all that, so I can well understand why some choose to do commercial work.

For myself, if it’s good art and doesn’t look too commercial (even though that’s what it is) then I’ll regard it as a legit form of street art.

Thursday Doors (2022/19)

Location: Brick Lane, London / Hanbury Street

Artist: Dale Grimshaw

Photo: GarryK / TAB54 17th March 2016

This weeks contribution to Thursday Doors, features another fine work from Dale Grimshaw, one of the UK’s A-List street artists. Like last week’s offering, the canvas and its associated doors is also located in Hanbury Street, London.

As an added bonus the great man himself makes a personal appearance in this post. I had previously visited the location a few times while the work was in progress and happened to arrive back at the scene just as he had finished, whereupon he duly obliged to pose for this shot.

Below are a few work in progress shots…